Life cycle of a plastic bag

Lean principles suppose that we reclaim the "waste" as a resource for recycling. It is more profitable to spend resources on transformation than on destruction, and the principle of cashback demonstrates this profit.

We should consider the product taking into account all stages of its life cycle, starting from the source of raw materials for its creation up to its utilization.
Extracting "environmental value" only from just the utilization phase looks like traveling to another city to purchase in a cheaper store, forgetting about the time and fuel expenses.

Plastic is the most widespread type of packaging, but why?
Plastic is harmless, durable, lightweight, and cheap. It is mainly created from by-products of the oil and gas industry, which would otherwise be burned and pollute the atmosphere.
Because of its lightness, it is less costly to transport than alternative packaging materials.

However, the main factor in choosing plastic packaging is its recyclability and renewability.

But the wastelessness of such packaging requires responsible use.
The fate of used packaging entirely depends on the end-user.

Throughout its existence, Comserv Ukraine has consistently pursued a policy of separation and recycling of waste. We encourage our employees and partners a responsible attitude to the disposal of plastic products.
We know that even dental hygiene has not always been widespread, therefore we believe that our activities contribute to the construction of a conscious society and increase the culture of consumption in general.