Polyethylene bags with a wall thickness above 50 microns are high-strength packaging.

Such packaging is made entirely of polyethylene, so it is fully recyclable. That makes such packaging the embodiment of the circular economy principle.

This product is non-waste, so by purchasing this type of packaging, you get a resource that manufacturers like Comserv can use in the future.

Our company actively encourages the development of a waste distribution and recycling system and cultivates responsible consumption among its employees and partners.

Advantages of polyethylene gloves
the plastic bag fits even in a shallow pocket, it is light and compact.
film thickness provides increased load capacity.
Zero waste
completely recyclable.
Low price
this type of packaging requires less production costs.
Environmental friendly
the polyethylene pellets used to make this packaging are made from oil and gas industry waste that would otherwise be incinerated negatively, affecting the atmosphere.