Production of branded plastic bags with a logo
Plastic bags are in demand everywhere, but they are especially needed by the leading retailers, whose supermarkets we visit every day. And each store provides its own package with the company logo. This trend appeared some time ago, when there were enough supermarkets, especially grocery ones, so that an ordinary customer could choose, and not go to the one that is closer. Now they are getting closer.

So it happened that supermarkets are fighting every day for a buyer, and external attributes, along with ongoing promotions and sweepstakes, are designed to make a casual visitor a regular customer.

Therefore, not only large packages appeared, but also T-shirt packages with logos, emblems of companies and networks.
Now, for example, you can go to any supermarket: ATB, Silpo, Furshet, Caravan, Target, Class, Rost, etc., each of them will have unique, inherent and developed for this network, ordinary packages, T-shirt packages with logos.- These are bags of our production!

Good quality, reliability and ease of use of free and sold branded packages come first for the consumer and the retailer. Therefore, a reputable factory for the production of bags, such as Komserv Ukraine, which has been creating and selling all kinds of bags for fifteen years, is a godsend both for a young, developing enterprise and for a solid, but striving to attract even more customers, company.

"Komserv Ukraine" received the Quality Mark under the state program "Safe Packaging", which only confirmed the high professionalism of the factory staff and the quality of the bags produced.

In addition to packages of ready-made shapes and colors, in "Komserv Ukraine" you can choose packages of a unique design or create your own unique appearance of the package together with the company's employees.

Regular packages and custom-made T-shirt packages are a good solution for creating a bright, stylish atmosphere in a sales area and shop!

Production of branded plastic bags with a logo - Komserv Factory!
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