Disposable HDPE gloves
Disposable HDPE Gloves
The demand for disposable gloves today is beyond any doubt. They are used in supermarkets and everyday life for cooking, cleaning, or renovation.
What are the advantages of polyethylene as a material?

  • The electrostatic properties of polyethylene gloves allow them to be held on the hand and not fall off during use.
  • The absence of any kind of spraying makes such products suitable for contact with food and use in the catering sector.
  • High-pressure polyethylene is strong enough for tear and puncture damage and does not allow moisture to pass through it. In addition, it has an average resistance to chemicals, which makes it possible to use such gloves for cleaning.
  • This material is non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions, and does not irritate the skin of the hands.
  • Polyethylene gloves do not fit tightly around the palm, which makes their size universal.
  • The ability to recycle polyethylene products ensures their environmental friendliness.
  • Polyethylene is also cheaper than alternative materials.

As well as other products of our factory, polyethylene gloves are a product of the circular economy.
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