Biodegradable bags
Comserv Ukraine manufactures biodegradable, compostable bags.

Compostable bags are basically made of potato or corn starch and biodegradable petroleum products that are absorbed by microorganisms.
Such bags biodegrade without residue and become natural humus.

Some bags are compostable only at industrial landfills, and some at domestic conditions.

However, this process is not possible without observing temperature and environmental conditions.
Our bags passed the assessment of the TÜV AUSTRIA society and are "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" and "OK compost HOME" standards certified.

Even though the "OK compost HOME" standard is not applicable in countries with average annual temperatures below 20 °C, such as Ukraine or Germany, we aspire to produce universal products since our partners include companies from Mediterranean countries with hotter and a humid climate.

Comserv Ukraine strives to be the first to apply the environmental technologies and the development of products demanded by the circular economy.
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